So… What’s The Deal With Crossfit?

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, I haven’t actually brought myself to pay the $130 a month it takes to take Crossift, but I DID attend a consultation and my coach gave me a “mini” workout! (there was almost vomit.) If I can look like this, I am ALL for signing up for CROSSFIT! Everyone in the gym looked like this:

I figured – if they know the secret, maybe I should try this when I have some extra dough…

My coach, Nick, told me the Crossfit bare-bones basics. Why it works, what the philosophy is, and what you need to do!

#1 You only need to do 2-3 short but INTENSE workouts a week.

#2 The form is all functional. It is WAY different than what most personal trainers have you do – it’s all about natural, “caveman” type moves. Nick asked me to show him a squat. Apparently, it was WRONGO according to the principles. In a Crossfit squat your butt needs to touch your heels, which is a more functional movement. Makes sense to me! It was just kinda weird to change a movement I’ve been doing for years!

#3 Eating is #1. Yeah, yeah, I know. Crossfitters adore the Paleo Diet for it’s high protein, caveman like fare! No dairy, wheat or goodies.

First he showed me proper form (sooooooo different than I’m used to!)  and then had me do a workout of the day. One sprint around the building (maybe 1/3 mile), 20 dead lift kettlebell swings (well it was a kettlebell movement but with a dumbbell) and 11 modified pull ups – cuz I couldn’t do a real one yet!

There was NO rest between sets, and since you need use HEAVY weights, you exhaust your muscles quickly to the point of shaking. He asked if I was up for doing 2 more sets, and since I was on theverge of vomiting, I kindly declined his offer.

In August I have no business travels and will be the month I endure the month long Crossfit fundamentals series! Look forward to more Crossfit Confessions [and vomit]!!!


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